Dating your moms boyfriends son

Dating your moms boyfriends son

dating your moms boyfriends son

My son age 22 has been dating his girlfriend for 1 year now and we see less and less of him. Even on holidays he can't spend the day with us without running over to her house sometimes more than once a . Daily updated free Girlfriend galleries. is a free site featuring a large collection of free Gf, Girlfriend, Girlfriend, Wife, Gf Revenge porn galleries. All . Note: Because cookies are disabled, reloading this page will clear your settings. Refer to this page to reenable cookies.
dating your moms boyfriends son

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She may not see that you would "do anything for each other. Please don't make the mistake in thinking that your son won't marry this young woman. He is already telling you that if it is a choice between spending time with her or you that he will pick her. She can't "isolate" your son without his consent. Instead of being so defensive, you might want to look at this through your son's and his girlfriend's position.

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It's hard, but being willing to look at your actions and attitudes, and what's underlying them, would be more productive than the blame game you're playing now. If you make a real effort to make her feel welcome and she still has issues with you then your son may see the relationship more clearly.

Right now, he sees himself as her defender. My husbands family is very different then mine. My family sounds much like yours where as my husbands family is very reserved or should I say passive aggressive. It can be hard but I have learned to adjust. One thing that bothers me is when my mother in law trys to get involved in our personal life. Your son is an adult I am afraid you should just butt out unless you want him to resent you as my husband does his mother now.

My mother in law is always accusing me of taking him away from his family she did this before we were married. He is 33 years old and can make his own decisions. I do not take him away from his mother she smothers him and expects so much that you just want to leave. Are you sure you are being reasonable? I have a different perspective than the others. Yes, it would be nice if the girlfriend would conform to your family style Having said that, if you want to see more of your son, you need to make an extra effort to make her feel more comfortable.

Sometimes it's better to be the bigger person instead of being the person who is "right. Who knows, you might find that you like game night. And she might really warm up to you if she sees that you are making an effort. It certainly can't hurt! You sound like a very loving mom - don't worry, your son is years away from choosing a wife. The average age for marriage and children these days is in the early thirties. That being said, I have a couple of observations, both from my experience as being a girlfriend in years past.

When you are young and immature, like you mentioned, you are very insecure - that is more likely what is keeping your son's girlfriend from spending more time with your family - it has nothing to do with you or your family dynamic. Insecurity isn't a fun emotion for her or for the people around her. Your son at this age is doing just what other 20 year old boys are doing - hanging out with his girlfriend. This is all pretty normal behavior. The good news is that when he finally grows up a bit he will probably choose to settle down with a more mature woman. The unfortunate news is that once he settles down, he will spend more and more time with his new family.

The best way to stay connected to your children, is to love them and their partners and to be understanding when they need space and to accept them with open arms when they need your company. You have raised a son that is flexible and adapts well to being in someone else's home. Unfortunately, his girlfriends parents didn't do the same thing. First, it is not your responsibility to make your son's girlfriend comfortable in your home.

You are not in control of her feelings. She is in control of her own feelings. It is your responsibility to be kind, to treat her like a guest, etc. Do not take on responsibility for her feelings. Second, make it your son's responsibility to help her feel more comfortable. Let him plan the game night. Ask him what he needs help with and do that for him. If that makes her more comfortable then that is great. If she is not more comfortable ask your son to ask her what he can do to help her feel more comfortable. Keep the responsibility on her to communicate and on him to help her.

Third, suggest that they spend more time at your house. Gently suggest that he may be more comfortable at her house because he has spent more time there. Now with them at your house more she will either get more comfortable or being uncomfortable will run her off. The girlfriends are probably going to come and go for awhile. But, the key is to maintain a good relationship with your son. Ask him with what characteristics are important to him in a girlfriend, etc. The most important thing is to keep the lines of communication open with your son. On the getting married thing my husband was 19 years old when we got married this new year we will be together 5 years.

Some guys do become men and seek that family sooner than others. On the the problem you are facing I say do things to where she can get to know you all. Try sharing old photos with her and family stories. Maybe look in to do things together outside your home so she will see how you are in other places. The game night is not that bad of an idea. But I can tell you no matter how hard I tried with the in-laws we are just different and nothing can change that. I am a firm believe in you should not have to change everything you are. I like the idea of your husband, son, his girlfriend and you having a dinner.

Start small and then add everyone into the mix. I do not get alone with my in-laws as well as they and my husband would like but that does not mean that I forgot how to be respectful while in there home and I have opened my home up to them. I think a dose of 'reverse psychology' is in order. When they're at your house, start treating her as if she's already 'part of the family' or at least as if you expect her to be. Show her pics and schoolwork of your son when he was little.

Talk as if you expect them to be together forever. Include her on family outings, 'assuming' that she will participate. This will either cement their bond if it's meant to be or scare her away if it's not meant to be. Go ahead and have them over for a game night once in a while not necessarily on a weekly 'schedule' if you're not 'scheduled' people. Also, sometime when you and your son are together having a pleasant conversation, ask him if he 'likes' is happy with the ways HE's having to adapt -- change his natural behavior -- to accommodate her.

My parents always kidded around with each other, being the only girl with 2 brothers we grew up ribbing each other. When I met my husband's family, they ribbed each other more than my family did. At times it made me uncomfortable. I know they were only teasing but sometimes it was so mean. I learned to go with the flow and if it was a time when I was more emotional, being pregnant, we would limit our visit. My SIL's family also drink a lot, which I don't agree with so when the drunkeness gets to a certain level we normally leave. I think it would be nice if you extended a game night invite, to show that you want to make your sons girlfriend feel welcome.

If you do not try to make her feel welcome your son will just end up staying with her and your relationship will suffer. My mom never felt, even now, comfortable with my dad's parents. My dad chose to stay with my mom and not with his family. Growing up I hated to go over there. I would rather spend time with my moms parents, because they always made everyone feel comfortable and welcome. Dads parents were more of the mindset that this is my home and you can take it or leave it.

Most of the time we chose to leave it. I have 3 married kids, 2 daughters in law. One is similar to your son's girlfriend, very different to our family. There is no changing, and they are close to their family. You loose your sons to the dil's family. They come, but it is not the same ever again. As long as the sons are happy with their wife, that is all I can expect. My dil's are good people, and luckily I have a daughter. In my opinion, she shouldn't want to keep your son from his family.

I don't think my family has ever done something different to accommodate a significant other. If she is not comfortable with the way your family is, then how can she be attracted to your son?? Everything about him comes from his family and how he was raised! I love my in laws, my mother in law always tries to make everything perfect for our visits we are in the military so we do not live near either set of parents.

I still do not feel comfortable even getting a snack for my kids there without asking for her permission. Granted that is not the same type of issue as your son's girlfriend has at your home, but it is still the issue of discomfort. Your son has asked for a simple activity of playing games when he and his girlfriend are over You might say that both my family and my husband's family are a tad bit sarcastic and like your family in poking fun at each other Having said that, we do ALL modify our behavior when we are in company with people who do not find our sense of humor quite so humorous.

It is a simple matter of courtesy to others and respecting their feelings. My husband felt the exact same way that your son's girlfriend does. We have very different families. I was raised by a single mother who maintained a "no holds bar" attitude, she was very direct, very adamant about her opinions, and first and foremost she was a parent and what she said went and she didn't care who was around when she said even if she was yelling it. My husband, on the other hand, was raised with both parents married, he has a younger brother, go are a Christian family.

His grandfather is a minister. They didn't do a lot of yelling. His mother is very passive and his father is very quiet. My husband could not adjust to the way my family was. We spent a majority of the time at his house. When we were at my house - we were in my room or outside away from everyone else. It stayed like that until we were married. Even now I've been with my husband 17 years , my husband isn't comfortable with my family.

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