Saint regis girls

Saint regis girls

saint regis girls

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saint regis girls

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Regis Jesuit High School

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Sick Poor - St Martin de Porres. Silence — St John of Nepomucene. Silversmiths — St Andronicus; St Dunstan. Single Mothers — St Margaret of Cortona. Skaters — St Lidwina. Skiers — St Bernard of Montjoix. Slander Against — St John of Nepomucene. Slavery Victims — St Peter Claver. Sleepwalking Against — St Dymphna. Smelters — St Stephen the Younger. Snake Bites Against — St Paul. Snakes — St Patrick. Solitary Death - St Francis of Assisi. Songwriters — St Caedmon. South America - St Rose of Lima. Speleologists — St Benedict of Nursia.

Stamp Collectors — St Gabriel. Starvation Against — St Anthony of Padua. Stationers - St Peter. Steel Workers — St Eligius. Stomachaches Against — St Wolfgang. Stomach Diseases Against — St Brice. Stonecutters — St Pope Clement I. Stress — St Walter of Portnoise. Swans - St Sebastian. Swimmers — St Adjuto. Switzerland - St Nicholas. Swordsmiths — St Maurice. Syphilis Against — St Fiacre. Tax Collectors — St Matthew. The Missy Franklin Story. Former Jesuit secondary schools in the United States. Catholicism portal Society of Jesus.

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Denver. Dominic's Church, Denver St. Ignatius Loyola Church, Denver St. Joseph's Polish Church, Denver St. Patrick Mission Church, Denver. Seigneur de Lunel 20 Apr The Continuatio of the Chronicle of Guillaume de Nangis records that " rex " married " Johannam quondam filiam comitis Ebroicensis, cognatam suam germanam The Flores historiarum of Bernard Guidonis records the marriage " III Non Jul " in of King Charles and " filiam quondam domini Ludovici patruelis sui, comitis Ebroycensis " after dispensation for 2 o consanguinity [].

The source does not record the person to whom it refers. The necrology of Feldbach records the death " XIV Kal Apr " of " Blanka relicta Ruodolfi quondam regis Boemie " [] , although this implies, wrongly it appears, that her husband predeceased her. The necrology of Rein records the death " IV Non Mar " of " Planca ducissa Austrie et Stirie " [] , although this date is inconsistent with other sources. He b ecame heir to the throne on the death of his older brother. He was consecrated at Notre-Dame de Reims 6 Jan The Chronicle of Guillaume de Nangis records that " Philippus He conquered Bordeaux and Guyenne from King Edward I of England , although these territories were returned to England under the terms of the peace treaty of Paris 20 May The Flores historiarum of Bernard Guidonis records the death " in eodem quo natus loco After her marriage, she continued to govern Champagne personally, her husband governing Navarre.

A charter dated records the appointment of arbitrators in the dispute between " Mathildis de Courtenaio comitissa Theati uxor…domini Philippi de Flandria, filii…comitis Flandrensis " and " Lora vicecomitissa Turenne domina de Cabanesio soror dicte domine Mathildis " concerning the county of Bigorre, which they had sold to " domina Johanna regina Francie et Navarre " []. A charter dated records that Philippe IV King of France summoned " comitem Fuxi, Margaritam comitissam Fuxo eius matrem, comitissam Armaignensem relictam domini Geraldi de Armaniaco, Constanciam vicecomitissam de Marciano, et Guillermam de Bearno dominam de Moncada " as proxy for " consortis nostre regine, Guillelmo Tesson militi et Lore vicecomitisse Turenne " for a hearing relating to the county of Bigorre [].

He was consecrated at Notre-Dame de Reims 24 Aug Johannam " by his first wife []. She renounced her rights to the county of Champagne in She died of the plague. King Louis X had one illegitimate daughter by Mistress 1: Her relationship with her husband steadily deteriorated over the years, culminating in her flight to France to seek the protection of her brother Philippe V King of France. In , she started a love affair with Roger Mortimer, and together they plotted her husband's overthrow. She was declared head of the Council of Regency by Parliament on the deposition of her husband.

However, her rule was unpopular. She signed an unfavourable treaty with France and recognised Robert Bruce as king of Scotland for the first time. In addition, Mortimer alienated the barons with his territorial ambitions. Her son seized power, had Mortimer arrested after a Great Council meeting at Nottingham 19 Oct and condemned him to death. Isabelle thereafter lived in retirement. He was created Earl of March in Comte de Poitiers Dec He was appointed regent on the death of his brother in , awaiting the birth of his nephew.

She was declared innocent and taken back by her husband. Her marriage was arranged under the Treaty of Paris 5 May , which reaffirmed the loyalty of her future husband's grandfather to the French crown []. The Chronicle attributed to Jean Desnouelles records that one of the daughters of King Philippe V married " au doffin de Viane " []. Letters dated [May] confirmed the marriage between " Guigonem Dalphinum Vienn. A charter dated May confirms the dowry for the marriage of " Guigone Dalphino Vienn. Albonisque comite " and " D. Isabella filia…Philippi quondam Francorum…Regis et D.

The Flores historiarum of Bernard Guidonis records that " quarta The necrology of Longchamp provides on 2 Jan for a mass for " Phelippe roy de France et de Navarre et la reyne Jehanne de Bourgoingne pere et mere de la dame, seur Blanche, laquelle fut religieuse en ceste eglise " []. Clarice nun at Longchamps Philippus " adding that he died " infra annum " []. The primary source which confirms his date of birth has not been identified. Comte de La Marche He was consecrated at Notre-Dame de Reims 21 Feb She was accused and convicted of adultery. Boudet quotes correspondence between various members of the French royal family and Pope John XXII, dated May to Aug , requesting an urgent annulment of the marriage, and insinuating although not expressly stating that the pregnancy was the real reason for the urgency [].

An annulment was finally granted in May on the grounds of consanguinity. She became a nun at the Abbaye de Maubuisson after her repudiation. She died in childbirth after falling out of the bottom of the coach which was driving her and her husband to a meeting with the Pope in Avignon []. The Flores historiarum of Bernard Guidonis records the death " apud Exaudunum castrum " of " [reginam] Mariam " and her burial " in monasterium sororum de Monte Argivo " in Mar O. Kerrebrouck records the date of his birth and his burial, but does not cite the corresponding primary sources []. This was before the accusation of adultery levelled at his mother so presumably his paternity was not challenged.

This supposition is confirmed by the following document in which he is named as the son of the king. Kerrebrouck records her birth and burial, but does not cite the corresponding primary source []. She was presumably accepted by Charles as his daughter as shown by the following sources. The Flores historiarum of Bernard Guidonis records the birth of " unicum filium " to " Karolus He was buried with his mother []. The Continuatio of the Chronicle of Guillaume de Nangis records that " altera eius primogenita filia " died around the time the queen gave birth to another daughter in [].

Mariam ", dated to late O. The Continuatio of the Chronicle of Guillaume de Nangis records that " regina " gave birth to " filiam " in late O. The Continuatio of the Chronicle of Guillaume de Nangis records that " regina Johanna uxor nuper Karoli regis " gave birth to a daughter 1 Apr " apud nemus Vicenarum " []. The Continuatio of the Chronicle of Girard de Fracheto records that " regina Johanna Ebroicensis " gave birth 1 Apr " apud nemus Vicenarum " to " feminam Comte de Chartres, du Perche He fought against the English in Guyenne in , and against Guy Count of Flanders whom he captured in Titular Emperor of Constantinople , by right of his second wife, he obtained Venice's support for an invasion of Byzantium in and was joined by the Catalan company in when he landed in western Greece, but by his threat evaporated for lack of active support [].

A Fragmentum historicum from the Codex Pater records the death " in festo S. Silvestri " of " domina Margarita comitissa Valesii mater regis Philippi de Valesio " []. The Chronicle of Guillaume de Nangis records the second marriage in of " Karolus comes Valesii " and " Catharinam She transferred her rights to Courtenay, Namur and the empire of Constantinople to her husband 23 Apr []. Silvestrum " of " domina Catharina comitissa Valesii imperatrix Constantinopolitana " []. The Continuatio of the Chronicle of Guillaume de Nangis records the third marriage in of " comes Valesii Karolus " and " filiam Guidonis comitis sancti Pauli " [].

Vicomte de Limoges Comte d'Anjou et du Maine 20 May He succeeded his father in as Comte de Valois. She became a Franciscan nun at the Abbaye de Fontenelles 2 Nov Comte de Chartres She succeeded her mother in as titular Empress of Constantinople. The Continuatio of the Chronicle of Guillaume de Nangis records the marriage " circa festum Magdalenes " in of " princeps Tarantinus " and " filiam comitis Valesii ex conjuge Catherina heredem Constantinopolitani imperii " []. On the death of her husband in , she acted as regent for her son Robert. After the exchange of territories between her son and her brother-in-law Jean Conte di Gravina, Catherine assumed the government of the principality of Achaia in her son's name [].

Prince of Achaia and Morea Despot of Romania She was called Madame d'Artois. She encouraged her husband to revolt, the king her brother arrested her in He was banished from France and his assets confiscated 19 Mar JEAN de Valois -died young. Considering the date of the first betrothal of his sister Catherine, it is likely that Jean was younger than her. Apart from that, there appears to be no data from which his birth date can be estimated. Abbess of Fontevrault , before 30 Jul.

He was installed as Duca di Calabria in , Viceroy of Sicily. He succeeded his father in as Duc de Bourbon. The Chronica Pragensis Chronicon Francisci records the betrothal in of " Wencezslaus Regis primogenitus " and " Blancza, soror fratris Philippi Regis de stirpe regia " []. The Benessii de Weitmil Chronicon records the death " in die ad vincula sancti Petri " in of " Regina Blancza, coniunx Domini Karoli " and her burial " in Ecclesia Pragensi " []. Mgf of Moravia A Fragmentum historicum from the Codex Pater records the death 2 Nov of " Ludovicus de Valesio filius dicti comitis [ dominus Karolus comes Valesii ] et frater regis " [].

He was consecrated at Notre-Dame de Reims, 29 May A Fragmentum historicum from the Codex Pater records the coronation " die S. Trinitatis " in of " Rex Philippus de Valesio " []. He confiscated Guyenne and other English possessions in France 24 May , declaring war on England in in reaction for the English king's claim to the French throne at Westminster 7 Oct She was invested with Courtenay at Fontainebleau in July She was consecrated queen with her husband at Notre Dame de Reims 29 May A forceful person, she exercised great influence over her husband, who named her regent during his absence in August Henri IV Comte de Bar appointed her regent of the county of Bar under his will 30 Nov , during the minority of his son.

She was never consecrated Queen of France. However, the annulment was not then granted it was finally issued in May on grounds of consanguinity , which suggests that the urgency no longer applied, either because the pregnancy ended or the child was stillborn. Comte de Valois []. He was captured at the battle of Poitiers , and held hostage until Philippe had two illegitimate children by unknown mistresses: Monk at the Abbaye de Saint-Lucien at Beauvais.

Counsellor at the Parliament of Paris. Elected Bishop of Poitiers Mar Legitimated 22 Nov Elected Bishop of Beauvais, Comte et pair de France The primary source which confirms his existence has not been identified. She died on the way to meet her future husband. King Philippe VI had one illegitimate son by Mistress 1: King Philippe VI had one illegitimate son by Mistress 2: His life has been studied by Marcellin Boudet []. He entered the service of Jeanne I Queen of Naples in , and took part in the siege of Catania in [].

Iohannes de Viscomite nacione Ciprius alterum He was granted the arms of la Marche in Nov Legitimated in Mar Called "Jean de France" from the accession of his father Duc de Guyenne 11 Sep He succeeded in recapturing Normandy from the English in He inherited the duchy of Burgundy, as the nearest male heir, on the death of Philippe I "de Rouvres" Duke of Burgundy and declared it reunited to the crown by charter at Paris in Nov He was in London to negotiate the release of his son Jean Duc de Berry when he died. The primary source which confirms her birth has not been identified.

Comte d'Anjou et du Maine Duc d'Anjou at Calais Oct With his three brothers, he was regent during the minority of his nephew King Charles VI. Governor of Languedoc 19 Nov Appointed Governor of Paris 21 Aug His collection of illuminated manuscripts survives. The testament of " domini Johannis comitis Armaniaci ", dated 18 Feb , names as his heirs, in turn, " filii nostri Johannis primogeniti…Bernardum filium nostrum secundo genitum…Johannam filiam nostrum… " []. She arrived in Savoie in Passed over by her husband as regent for their son in favour of her mother-in-law, the ensuing dispute was settled by agreement 8 May Dame de Carlat, by cession of her father at Bourges Nov Jeanne de Savoie marquise de Montferrat son autre fille Encouraged by his father-in-law, he became a leading adversary of the Burgundian party.

He was killed by the Burgundians. Her third husband appointed her administrator of all his estates 17 Jan during his imprisonment. He was captured again at the siege of Nicopolis. He was captured by the Turks after the failed siege of Nicopolis in Sep , and died soon after. Chamberlain of France 18 Mar He succeeded his father as Duc de Bourbon. He was captured by the English at the battle of Agincourt , and remained a prisoner for the rest of his life. According to Kerrebrouck, Jean died after his father, although he cites no source in support []. Such a late date of death is inconsistent with his wife's remarriage in , unless she was divorced from her first husband although no mention of any such divorce has been found.

It is also contradicted by the reference to his funeral which follows. Duc de Touraine Comte de Mortagne Comte de Charolais Declared Ctss de Vertus in Apr Comte de Vertus, in right of his wife Apr Conte di Asti 27 Mar He deposed his uncle 6 May , succeeding as Lord of Milan. He bases the latter suggestion on the assumption that the child was named Blanche but no primary source has been found which confirms that this name is correct. If no other proof exists relating to the birth of this child, there is no basis for deciding its sex. Baluze states that there is no proof that King Jean had any children by his second marriage [].

The proof concerning the existence of this child appears tenuous. No primary source has been identified which confirms this birth or names the child. These indications appear inadequate to assume beyond doubt that the queen gave birth at that time. Comte de Poitiers He took the title "Lieutenant du Roi" during the imprisonment of his father after the battle of Poitiers , and that of regent 14 Mar until his father's release in Duc de Touraine, after his brother Philippe's nomination as Duke of Burgundy in He confiscated the duchy of Guyenne from the king of England 30 Nov , war with England having broken out once more.

She was consecrated Queen of France with her husband 19 May She died from a fever following childbirth. The primary source which confirms her date of death has not been identified. Duc de Touraine Nov at Lille. He joined the Royal Council 16 Feb He entered Lombardy Feb , taking Pavia Mar King Charles V had one possible illegitimate son by Mistress 1: His father gave him the title Dauphin de Viennois soon after his birth: He was consecrated at Notre-Dame de Reims 4 Nov He concluded a four year peace with England in , sealed by the marriage of his daughter Isabelle to King Richard II.

During one of his periods of madness he was persuaded to sign the Treaty of Troyes 21 May , under which he named Henry V King of England as regent and his heir. Consecrated at Sainte-Chapelle, Paris 23 Aug Appointed President of the Council of Regency 26 Apr during the periods of insanity of her husband. She proclaimed herself regent in She left court after the king's death, seeking refuge at Saint-Jean de Losne in Her first marriage sealed the four-year peace with England concluded by her father in Imprisoned after the deposition of her first husband, she returned to France in Aug She died from the after-effects of childbirth.

A missal dated 2 Jul and royal accounts records the birth 24 Jan N. Her marriage was celebrated twice, due to an "irregularity" in the first ceremony []. Royal accounts records the birth 6 Feb N. Royal accounts records the death 13 Jan N. The sources are contradictory regarding the date and place of birth of Marie. It is assumed that should be corrected to She entered the convent of Poissy 8 Sep , taking her vows as a nun 26 May A missal dated 2 Jul records the birth 11 Jan N.

He succeeded on the death of his older brother Charles 13 Jan as Dauphin de Viennois. Duc de Guyenne 14 Jan Leader of the Council of the King 31 Dec Comte de Mortain Mar Duc de Touraine 12 Jul , confirmed 24 May Baron de Mortagne He lived with his father-in-law, returning to France Jan She died in childbirth. King Charles VI had one illegitimate daughter by Mistress 1: A missal dated 2 Jul records the birth 22 Feb N. Member of the Royal Council from 3 Sep Duc de Berry, Comte de Poitou 17 May He was named President of the Royal Council 14 Jun during the periods of insanity of his father.

Invested as Lieutenant General of the King in the whole kingdom 6 Nov He escaped from Paris 29 May after it was invaded by the Burgundians, and established his parliament at Poitou 21 Sep Regent of France 26 Dec Deprived of the regency 3 Jan He entered Paris 12 Nov Her mother transferred her rights to the crown of Aragon to her at Saumur 16 Feb She claimed her rights to Aragon His suggestion seems based on literary anecdote that Agnes helped convince King Charles VII of the need for action to retake his throne, a tradition which Beaucourt demonstrated in the midth century was uncorroborated by primary source evidence [].

The following document appears to be the earliest official record relating to Agnes: Dauphin de Viennois from birth. Madame Ragonde fille du roy After her betrothal, she was sent to Thonon to be brought up by her future mother-in-law. Regent of Savoy during the minority of her son Philibert. No primary source has been identified which records the birth date of Jeanne but, considering the birth dates of her siblings, [] appears to be the likely date. Jeanne provides one of the rare cases in the Valois family where a daughter was given the same name as her living older sister.

As duplicate naming is not otherwise regularly observed in the family, an error in the primary source which records Jeanne is a possibility. He died from injuries received during a tournament. The primary source which confirms his date and place of birth has not been identified. He bore the title Duc de Berry from birth, confirmed Nov Duc de Guyenne Apr She left her husband mid to live with Charles Duc de Guyenne.

Duke Charles had two illegitimate daughters by Mistress 1: Seigneur de Montcucq en Quercy Counsellor and Chamberlain of the king. He succeeded his father as Seigneur de Ruffec. King Charles VII had four illegitimate children by Mistress 1 the order of births of the first three children is uncertain: He cites no document on which he bases this assessment, which appears inconsistent with the wording of the charter dated 28 Oct This seems inconsistent with her marriage after her sister Marie, as noted above.

She was stabbed by her husband after finding her in flagrante delicto. There appears to be no primary source evidence which indicates the order of birth of Jeanne and her sister Charlotte. He succeeded his father in [] as Comte de Sancerre, Seigneur de Bueil. He moved to Viennois in Jan , governing the territory himself until Aug He founded the University of Valence in , and annexed Orange. On the death of Charles Duke of Burgundy in , he united the duchy of Burgundy and the counties of Artois and Boulogne with the crown.

The marriage contract between " Lodovico figlio primogenitor del Re di Francia Delfino " and " Carlotta figlia del Duca Lodovico di Savoia " is dated 14 Feb []. This second marriage took place without the consent of Louis's father. Kerrebrouck names her parents and deceased husband but cites no source on which he bases this information []. Kerrebrouck names Louis as oldest son of King Louis XI and records his date and place of birth and date of death as shown here. This statement suggests that Anselme had seen the documentation in question.

If that is true, it must presumably not have indicated the birth of a son Louis on that date. The existence of Louis remains uncertain until further evidence comes to light. Kerrebrouck records his name, his birth 15 Jul at Genappe, date of death and place of burial but cites no primary source on which the information is based []. The origin of his name is unknown, but his birth 26 Jul the feast day of St. Joachim, after whom he would have been named would be consistent with the letter dated 27 Jul quoted above. Kerrebrouck dates her birth to Jul , and indicates that she died the same year, without citing any primary sources [].

Anne governed France during the minority of her brother Created Comte de Clermont 3 Apr Created Dss de Berry 26 Dec He incorporated Brittany into the royal domains, entering Nantes 4 Apr He entered Naples 12 May , but lost the kingdom Feb This betrothal was arranged a s part of King Louis XI's plan for the dismemberment of the territories of the Dukes of Burgundy, agreed under the Treaty of Arras signed 23 Dec with the Flemish. Kerrebrouck cites a document and his monumental inscription which both confirm that he died 16 Dec []. Marino Sanudo records that the king received news in Naples in Mar that the queen had given birth to a daughter [].

Kerrebrouck notes her birth and death 20 Mar but cites no source on which this date is based []. Kerrebrouck repeats the same information, specifying 3 Sep for his date of birth, but cites no primary sources either []. King Louis XI had one illegitimate daughter by [Mistress 1 ]: King Louis XI had two illegitimate children by Mistress 2: The date of her marriage suggests that she was born during the middle part of the date range. Dame de Mirabeau et d'Usson en Auvergne.

Amiral de France He cites no primary sources but his reference to the amount of dowry suggests that the information is based on primary source documentation. He entered Lombardy in Feb , taking Pavia in Mar His brother named him regent in Jan to act during the former's periods of insanity. He acquired the duchy of Luxembourg and county of Chiny 18 Aug She was given the counties of Vertus and Asti as her dowry. Ludovici ducis Aurelianensis et filii quondam Francorum regis " []. It is assumed that the entry was intended to refer to No primary source has been identified which helps resolve the contradiction regarding his name.

Comte de Vertus et de Porcien, after his father's death under the latter's will. Vertus was withdrawn, but restored to him 27 Aug , registered 29 Aug Philippe had one illegitimate child by an unknown mistress: It is assumed that she died soon after her birth as no other record of her has been identified. She was given the county of Vertus as her dowry. Margaretam de Aurelianis defuncti After her husband died, she retired to the Abbaye de Laguiche. Seigneur de Valbonais Comte de Dunois

Thomas Regjs, patron of all universities, colleges, and schools 4 August, ; St. West Dorset Cats Protection. South West Multiple Sclerosis Society. Tumors - St Rita. Meets every 3rd Monday evening.