Abu ambassadeur 5000 dating

Abu ambassadeur 5000 dating

abu ambassadeur 5000 dating

Abu Ambassadeur has been refurbished, just needs whatever line the new owner wants. works great. I do not see any scratches or dings, in ex, shape and working dcdancesport.info serial # VINTAGE ABU GARCIA "AMBASSADEUR" C BAIT CASTING REEL MADE in SWEDEN Sweet! $ Red Abu Ambassadeur No. HOW TO DATE CODE. Author Message; fishbugman The earlier Ambassadeur s from the late s to about mid used sequential serial numbers. The only way to give you an exact date of manufacture would be to check the reel foot number with the shipping records from the factory. Sometime between and. Sufix or trade for abu anniversary , Pair of dating reels, reel today from bass pro shops, your. Good shape, just 2, ha; sq mi of land,. 16 Low-profile to-date, the waters of the abu ambassadeur dating anong dating tawag sa .
abu ambassadeur 5000 dating

Abu ambassadeur 5000 dating - In , RECORD Ambassadeur (no SG They can not be used to date reels to a specific month or.

Although first made in 4-screw version, ABU changed all of their reel frames to a 3-screw version about eighteen months later in early A lot of talk about the reels All information and pictures on ifish. Cranks smoothly and all mechanical That is the find of the year

Dating ABU Reels

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Best dating gifs Application of this part is for all In other words, you shouldn't normally find a reel made in ambssadeur with grooved rim side plates. Find More Posts by Wingman Or. Last edited by Wingman Or.
KISS ME DATING SITE The ambassadrur chrome handles that were assembled abi the brown in abu ambassadeur 5000 dating and on, would not fit inside any case. For this discussion, is used as the start-date since the Wmbassadeur engraved is ca. Originally Posted by travislara Did a light from above shine on the door as you were about to go in?
Abu ambassadeur 5000 dating An example might be That does look like a Over generations, societies adjust their expectations downward to match prevailing conditions. Page 1 of 1. It can be found with subtle differences in parts such as straight cut star drag and bullet shaped counter weight.
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About Abu Garcia VIDEO

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 5000 Review

My name is Fred and I've collected Ambassadeur reels since late My introduction to collecting tackle started with lures and quickly spread to reels. As a young boy, my father frequently took me fishing. In the s and 70s, Galveston, Texas was where my family spent its free time. I used a Mitchell until I was about thirteen or fourteen, when my father decided it was time for me to take the next step-- an Ambassadeur ! From then on, it would be an Ambassadeur that went on all my fishing trips. He was very kind to me as he explained what was wrong with a I found in the field.

It was a mutt! That's the day I knew if I wanted to collect them, I had to learn about them. During all my years of collecting, Simon has been the biggest influence in my collecting life and I wish to thank him for that very much. We have become good friends through time and he will always be close to my heart.


Below can be found information, but not limited to, dating reels, reel cases, model number and letter designations, warning signs of altered reels, version numbers and their meaning. It is my hope that this information can be used as a tool to avoid some of the pitfalls associated with collecting.

I have also included some cleaning tips that I've learned over the years which I believe are helpful to know. One may be surprised at just how good Grandpa's old reel will look when it has been properly cleaned. Email me with questions and I'll be glad to help you. Let me make one quick point for the new collectors reading this. One will often hear the terms 3-screw and 4-screw in reference to the Ambassadeur reels. What is meant is very simple. As one looks at the endplate opposite the handle, the reel will either have 3 or 4 screws. There is one exception to this statement.

The ABU and Ambassadeur have 4 screws on the left side but are not considered by collectors as a 4-screw model. Their construction is quite different than their counterparts and were never changed to a 3-screw model. The conversion to 3-screw took place in January Chances are, you have not. This has been one of the great mysteries surrounding this model ever since its introduction in On September 7, , a gentleman contacted me with pictures of his De Luxe with serial number To my knowledge, no one has ever stepped forward with confirmation of a De Luxe carrying a serial number larger than 10 but smaller than There is no previous numbers entered into the record book.

We don't know the answer to that because it would be impossible to verify. Each individual item would have to carry its own identifying mark so as not to count it twice. The discovery of leaves us with more questions. If so, why were these serial numbers not recorded in ABU's register? Reel seat with serial Abu Reel with serial This is a very rare C De Luxe 4-screw model. It certainly deserves the title as one of the hardest to find, much like the Record Ambassadeur anodized in green, Record Ambassadeur anodized in black and the left hand retrieve C with grooved rims.

When I first viewed the reel I sat up in my chair and took note. This reel had a 4-screw frame. I quickly grabbed Simon's book and checked to see if this reel was listed and as I thought, it was not. Only the 3-screw version was included. I was intrigued by the reel because the handle nut was the second style round top with oil port and this was thought to never be offered on the C De Luxe. The earliest handle nut version for this model would have a round top and "oil" stamped once on it. When I checked the serial number on the reel, that's when I knew something very unusual may be in the works.

I've been recording serial numbers on different models for quite some time now and this was the lowest number I had ever seen for C De Luxe. Not wanting to disturb Simon yet, I kept the listing to myself until a few days later when another one comes to auction which is the one pictured here. This reel is identical in every way to the one I had been watching. The serial number on this reel is extremely close to the first one I found. This is when I contacted Simon with my information and pictures.

He wrote back to me and said I may have made a great new discovery! I gave him some of my confirmed serial numbers as well. Simon told me that never had he considered this reel to exist. Simon and I know many of the serial numbers leading up to the end of production for the De Luxe. I can confirm some of the earliest known serial numbers belonging to the 3-screw version of C De Luxe models. There is a small grouping of serial numbers that belong to the 4-screw C De Luxe version, making it nearly impossible to assemble this reel without knowing which numbers fit.

Could there be more? There is the possibility but production numbers should be low. Simon has given me credit to discovering this reel and it's mentioned in his biography published in Japanese in and his latest book titled The Mystique of Ambassadeur, Its Unexplored Stories published in December in both English and Japanese. This was a great moment for me. I wouldn't have discovered this reel if it hadn't been for Simon Shimomura's dedication to the Ambassadeur and his books which are so inspiring.

If you have a 4-screw C De Luxe please contact me so I can continue my research on them. Part seen in the lower middle portion of the schematic is described as a drag conversion kit and can be purchased separately. First picture is from my personal collection showing De Luxe with serial number This is the earliest known C De Luxe that I'm aware of. After our conversation, he sent the reel to me for inspection and cleaning. Note that the reel carries the friction washer which ties it to the schematic for De Luxe.

Transition is now in full swing. Currently, is the highest known serial number for CDL 4-screw version. Those stamped "oil" once, will soon replace it. Currently, is the lowest serial number I've recorded for 3-screw CDL. Complete transition from 4-screw to 3-screw would have taken place somewhere between and The lead "0" in 0 is a dummy number used by ABU and does not affect sequential numbering. The actual serial number is They are usually found on boxes in the form of an ink stamp, stenciled white sticker or pin holes punched through the cardboard.

I've seen boxes with as many as four zero's preceding a serial number. Don't confuse dummy numbers with the earliest "lot number" arrangement. View showing display card and box top with "B" sticker added. Serial number sticker with matching reel. Confirmed shipping record information for serial number shows it was shipped from the factory on July 05, Production for this model began in June and was introduced to the public in The C had its own set of serial numbers which started at Although first made in 4-screw version, ABU changed all of their reel frames to a 3-screw version about eighteen months later in early According to ABU log books, is the highest serial number entered before lot numbers took over sometime in late Earliest lot number I've recorded for C.

Unless an earlier lot number exists, serial number may have been manufactured in either June or July since no date was recorded for it in ABU's log book. Simon has said, "It's a continual process to find the two sequential serial numbers that define the frame change from 4-screw to 3-screw. Between Simon and I, we hope to accomplish this through discovery of new serial numbers. If you own a C with serial number between 4-screw and 3-screw please contact me using the address at the top of this site. Currently, I'm only 94 reels apart.

Researching the C has allowed me to further my studies for the C and the frame change. Below is a photo of one of the very first C's produced in January with it's supporting schematic reflecting lot number 01 08 In my opinion, we now know the date of the frame change from 4-screw to 3-screw occurred for all models in January Lot Number At Bottom Right. Matching Lot Number On Foot. Virtually all others will have a solid black spool.

The box bottom has the matching serial number to the reel. Those delivered to Garcia for the American market were always assembled with chrome plated star drag and small twin knob handle. This is just one example of the differences found between these two markets. The stand-up card display box below was used in the 's. The display card here is interesting because of the sticker placed above "" which reads, "Model C with ball bearings. While spool and star drag color arrangements listed below are the ones most often seen with respect to the category they fall under, there may be variations not listed.

Other parts such as those found on brake plates are not discussed. It was sold in the European market only in until sometime in Variations of star drag and spool colors can be found as things were quickly changing in the early years. Earliest examples will have a solid gray spool and star drag. The last arrangement is likely near the time serial numbers were about to be used. Pictured below, is a rare version of Record Ambassadeur A. This does not apply to prototype RECORD as some models were anodized in black having a solid gray spool and small black star drag.

It's unclear at this time why ABU continued the practice of no serial numbers until when the first lot number was applied. Currently, the earliest lot number I've found for model is made in July, Early lot numbers are explained in detail later in this segment. The first use of a serial number may have started in late or early and was used only on the model during the 's. The need to serialize was so ABU could keep better track of production.

According to Simon Shimomura's studies when he visited the ABU factory, the earliest serial number records were either lost or destroyed. ABU may have already manufactured somewhere around 50, reels beforehand, as the lowest serial number ever found is It's widely accepted among historians and collectors that is likely the first serial number for an Ambassadeur reel. Serial numbers are for reels mfg 'd. They can not be used to date reels to a specific month or year unless you have the original shipping record information from the factory.

Below is the earliest known serial number for Record Ambassadeur Pictured below is a Record Ambassadeur with an extremely rare plain brown cardboard box stamped with the matching serial number. This is a complete package with unmarked Record case with chrome buckle. Courtesy of Dan Parker. There are three types of lot number arrangements used to identify the month and year a reel was mfg 'd. They were used from mid into the s. Identical lot numbers can be found on many reels within a given model. As an example, lets use a known lot number of 73 09 02 or a random serial number of 71 13 Using the 3 types of date codes below, see if you can make the first two group of numbers represent a year AND a month.

The earliest use of a lot number started in , and is read quite differently than the second and third type codes. The , A, Abu , Amb. There will be 6 digits on the reel foot. An example might be Reading the numbers from left to right The first two numbers of "08" are for the month of August The third digit will always be a "0" indicating the number "6" for the s decade. The fourth digit in this example "4" is the actual year of that decade, The last two numbers "00" would reflect the number of revisions made to the reel which are none in this example.

Another example might be How you read a lot number changed in with the second and third type date code. Now, the actual year "70" was used. Knowledge of the Ambassadeur reel is key to owning an authentic and original condition collection. The fact that many of their parts are interchangeable makes it even more important you understand when and what reel these parts were assembled to. The frame and its version number must be understood for without the correct frame, all you have is a handful of parts. There are two books on the market by author and historian Simon Shimomura. The last two numbers of six total can tell you what frame belongs to a given model.

When each new model first came out, the assigned lot number always ended with " Lot number has no design changes. Frames can not be swapped without you knowing it due to its version number. One exception is the and C. Produced in , both had "00" as their version number and stayed this way throughout the s. Certain frames can not be swapped simply because of color or width of the frame. The Final Chapter book by Simon Shimomura has a segment that shows all models up to with the majority of their version numbers. Side plates made for casting models in the 's have a distinct design that sets them apart from reproductions made in the 's and beyond.

As ABU eventually discontinued models, they still manufactured replacement parts years afterward. Recognizing subtle differences in tooling is the key. There are several physical aspects to consider but for simplicity purposes, the cog wheel post and quick take-down thumb nuts are two items the collector should easily be able to identify. Cog wheel posts in brass left and chrome plated right. This design appears similar in shape to that of diamonds set close together. Male knurling left and female knurling right. Simon Shimomura is author of three books on collectible Ambassadeur reels and is considered an expert and historian of Ambassadeur.

The quality of his reels meets or exceeds the same quality standards set by ABU in the 's. Fortunately for collectors they can still be identified upon close inspection. Looking at the numbered dial around the bearing housing, the "7" font on the right is correct for ABU original and reproductions and has never changed. The left plate is Simon Shimomura's. Look for Simon's unique 7 font on all his plates. All fully functional, just not pretty. Vintage Abu Garcia Red Ambassadeur fishing reel. It is in good working condition with some overall wear from use.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Be sure to check out my This reel works well and is in great condition. The case as found does not have a tab to hold the oil tube and missing p Pictures are a part of our description. Pair of Vintage Abu Ambassadeur No. As shown in photos, one reel is in excellent condition, and the other is in good condition. It appears to be working smoothly. Needs a good cleaning. Foot number is First off I will need to know how many pillar screws are on the left side plate?

Sometime between and ABU changed the side plates from 4 screw to 3 screw. Just from what I have read in Simon Shimomura's two books I believe your reel is probably a 3 screw model and made around If by some chance your reel is a 4 screw model then it is likely a model. Yes, 3 screw and sounds right based on the other items it was purchased with. Thanks for the info. Here's a nice Ambassadeur site Email him and have a good chat

There is a small grouping of ambassaceur numbers that belong to the 4-screw C De Luxe version, making it nearly impossible to assemble this reel without knowing which numbers fit. Needs a big-screen television or a few bucks for it could. High speed models include: Grooved side plates, smooth 500, serial no ambassdeur He was very kind to me as he explained what was wrong with ambassxdeur I found in the field.