One direction imagines you are secretly dating

One direction imagines you are secretly dating

one direction imagines you are secretly dating

You were on tour with your brother Ashton and his bandmates as they toured as the support act for One Direction. Little did your older-by-two-years brother know that you were actually secretly dating one of his best friends, Luke, and had been for about a month. Preference #5: You're their sister, but secretly dating one the boys this maybe a confusing title so i’ll just explain it better here, you’re one of the boys sister and you’re secretly dating another. Zayn-You were in England with your friends for your birthday, and later you were going to meet up with your boyfriend, Zayn. You had decided to eat at Nando’s, because Zayn had said it was incredible. You looked up from your conversation to see none other than One Direction walk through the door.

I thought it was Harry! It was a bad view. I kinda like you, you know. You were taken back. But I love Harry. You stepped past Zayn and out of the pantry. You walked over to the refrigerator and grabbed a grape soda for Louis. You gave Zayn a look and looked up and kissed Harry on the lip. Zayn shook his head, a small grin on his lips. The boys had a day off and all of the others had other things to do except Louis. So being the sweet guy Liam is, he invited Louis with you guys to the park. You ran around the giant slide and found a small opening in between the wall and the edge of the slide.

You wedged yourself in the small space and waited to see who would find you first.

Hi I love you

Did she go over there? You peeked around the corner and saw Liam jogging over to a tree about 20 feet away from your hiding spot. You giggled slightly, not really paying attention to how loud it was. And your smile is out of this world. Your face turned bright red and you let out a nervous laugh. Zayn motioned for him to come sit with you guys. As Liam sat down, your best friend said something funny and your warm laugh filled the Starbucks. Liam smiled at you, but looked away when you turned towards him. You were smiling and laughing with your best friend when Liam pulled Zayn away from you guys and into a corner.

After about 5 minutes of Zayn being gone, your best friend said she needed to go, as she had work later than night. You guys hugged and she left. You sat there on your phone for a little while until Zayn came back and Liam walked out of Starbucks, tears sitting on the edge of his eyes. You sat on the edge of your chair and looked at Zayn. What happened over there? Zayn laughed a little. Liam started crying because he was so upset that he was going to ruin his friendship with me and our relationship.

Your heart felt a pang of guilt. I feel bad now! You had girls sending you hate, boys saying you should be with them and not Niall, and people saying you only were dating Niall for fame. But there was one thing that nobody has suspected. Harry Styles had a crush on you. A big one at that. Nobody but you and him knew, but you could tell that the boys knew something was up. Niall finally found out the day you and the boys were swimming at a indoor pool at a fancy hotel.

You were sitting on a lounge chair texting a fan you met the day before when a dripping wet Niall grabbed your phone from your hands and set it on the table. My phone is all wet now! Almost as soon as you got up, Niall grabbed you by the waist and ran towards the pool. He threw you and in the moment you hit the water, Niall jumped in behind you. Niall found you under the water and was about to kiss you when somebody came up behind you and spun you around. You instantly knew it was Harry. His lips touched yours and his hands rested on your hips.

You instantly pulled away and swam to the top. Gasping for air, you pushed the hair away from your face and tried to find Niall. He was standing in the shallow end, his face red and his arms crossed. When you turned around, Harry was grinning at you. You quickly swam to Niall and clung to him. After all, the boys had no idea, and niether did your friends. Harry gets up and makes his way over to you. You look at his pretty green eyes. You get up, and Zayn takes your hand. You blush, and Zayn grins.

He bends over to kiss you. Louis- You were out and about in the mall with your friend, where you would meet Louis later. You walked into a shoe store, and you both sprinted to find the biggest pair of heels you could. What is going on? You and Harry became a very secretive relationship after a steamy night at his house. Harry was staying over and it got really hot and heavy really quick when he walked in the door but as soon as you two were in bed Zayn walked in for a surprise visit.

After a few more moments of fighting Zayn left in a mortified state and Harry went back to business with you. Louis took you out for a romantic date then took to the studio so he could get some alone time with you. You were seated on the drum sets when he leaned in and kissed you….. I told you I had a boyfriend.

one direction imagines you are secretly dating

One direction imagines you are secretly dating - Read You're Both Famous And Secretly Dating from the story 1D preferences by You had met Louis, and the other boys of One Direction at an award show.

But you shook your head. At least you hoped he was joking Louis: Harry agreed and you two left. He admits his love for her over and over, constant physical attention and constant reminders. When another guy flirts with you. Savior- a Zayn imagine for Sophia. You froze as you let his words sink in.

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