Dating antique school desk

Dating antique school desk

dating antique school desk

Identify and Date Your Antique Clock. When I first started my antique clock collection, the first thing I noticed was how little I knew about the clocks I are so many styles and types of clocks, made by so many clock makers and from so many countries, that I was totally lost. Collectable antique silver, sterling silver, Georgian silver, antique silver spoons, silver flatware, silver hallmarks, silver antiques, famous makers, useful. Original Photos: • Captured WW2 German Photos - photos from the Eastern Front • Louisiana Maneuvers Photoset - Photos taken in camp and in the field during the Louisiana Maneuvers (HSF Blog Post) • Tourist GIs - photos taken by a GI during spring Paratroopers at Fort Benning - Photos of Airborne solders juming from a C (HSF Blog Post).
dating antique school desk
The lamp still deek original wiring still works. The spoon, which is large serving spoon size, has a vertical divider with vertical dating antique school desk in the bowl, this dating antique school desk fixed some versions have removable dividers. The description says datinf runs and stops antiqu that …. The hallmarks are excellent, are dating scans in pregnancy accurate include pseudo duty mark, pseudo crowned leopards head Sfhool town mark prepseudo date letter P with cut corners, pseudo lion passant and makers mark WE WE WC. The box is engraved des, worn scrolls on the lid and front side, this contrasts antiqje the clearer engraving, we assume the box was made earlier and the engraving added later in

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Vintage Pick Old School - 50's School desk

dating antique school desk

Dating antique school desk - Old School Desks - Relatively few of the simple and solidly constructed school desks of the 19th century have survived, but examples in good Dating Furniture.

I showed him the desk and explained the project and that sanding by hand was getting pretty old and giving me biceps. Antique children's school desk. Her desks were different from Mission Oak types and other all wood attached chairs and desks, which had a storage drawer underneath the seat of the chair. These people knew how to make furniture to last. If found, however, these simple and appealing industrial products make a charming addition to any child's study area within the home. Desk is probably 60's I suspect. She wanted this more for sentimental purposes, so I was finally able to shrug off the imaginary angry old men in my head.
dating antique school desk

The desk is solid wood and sturdy. No one whittled on the top but a fair a Fresh paint and refurbished wood, but still maintains the character and patina intentionally. For local Pickup we are locat Antique childrens school desk from the 's. Wooden desktop in nice shape with hole for inkwell. The rest of the desk could use a coat of paint. Excellent shape for the age. Please ask questions before buying. Must be picked up. Wood has been painted yellow years ago.

Back height is 29". Inside the desk is pretty good as you can see. Desk is probably 60's I suspect.

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Did not check for a maker yet. Chair has been painted?. Different color from desk. Foot of the chair is stamped: Must be able to move yourself. Very rare old school desk. The more elaborate the design work, the more valuable an antique desk is. On antique wooden desks with metal legs from the 19th century, wrought iron was used. Some were made from all wood, such as redwood, pine and oak.

Antique wooden desks will sometimes have a slanted table and an attached seat. The two piece desk and chair was introduced later in the 20th century. Antique school desks made by Anna Breadin where elaborately designed. She made a desk functional by providing storage space underneath the desk top and making the desk top flat, so children could write with greater ease. Her desks were different from Mission Oak types and other all wood attached chairs and desks, which had a storage drawer underneath the seat of the chair. The children would have to bend down and open a big drawer.

With Breadin's design, a child could easily reach into the open storage space under the desk top for his lesson book. Country estate sales, antique shops, within an old school itself--if allowed--auction houses, all are places to find antique school desks. I saw solutions from household bleach to wood bleach to hydrogen peroxide to vinegar to mineral spirits. So I decided on the path of least resistance and got out the bleach since I had some in the garage. I did 3 treatments, allowing several hours to dry, then wiped it off with vinegar to neutralize the bleach so Google told me , which did lighten the splotches.

I lay them down on a tarp to cover one side, then when that was dry, leaned them against a work table with a tarp behind them so I could flip and paint the other side. I tried a clean cloth on the second layer and that felt a lot better. I am a retired elementary teacher and also a lover of antiques. You write beautifully love your humor and do excellent restoration work! My son and I were working on a house in Chicago. I noticed workers smashing furniture and throwing it into a dumpster in the alley. There was a Chicago Board of Education storage building that was being cleared out.

We managed to get two desks that were about to be destroyed. All the chairs were destroyed. I left my desk in the good condition it was in, with the patina created by hundreds of schoolchildren, over the years. That date is the date it was patented, it could have been built years later. In any case it is likely years old and now beautiful again, thanks to your efforts. Thank you so much for this post. My desk wood pieces have separated and I would not have had any idea how to remove the others.

You have saved me a LOT of time. My desk is a double for two students to set side by side. It also came from Nebraska. I sat in one of these at a one room school, for first and second grade. Best education anyone can ask for. My mother taught in these ranching country schools, all grades K-8 by herself. Sometimes we rode horses to school when the snow was deep. It is apart, but now it needs to be refinished. I was looking for a post just like this to help me on my way. I have a school desk even older, seat made on it and a smaller desk in front of it, how would I find out the year it was made and its value?

Eddie, I even figured out the notch thing on my own for getting the wooden pieces off the top and back of the seat. They are even still attached together in a row. And I have a third one, already refinished. Just love the old and rustic decorating! You really can find anything on the internet! The desk came from the one room school house my mother attended starting around My daughter just started her second year of teaching and I thought of it as a gift to her. Her boyfriend just asked permission to propose. The proposal will be in our backyard as the final stop of what she believes is a Harry Potter scavenger hunt.

I hope to have the desk refinished in two weeks so it can be in our backyard for our daughter to sit on during the proposal. Thanks to you all I was able to determine how the desk came apart! Would you mind giving the dimensions of the desktop, seat and seat back? Length, width and thickness. Thanks for commenting and reading. I bought an old bench similar to yours, minus the attached desk. It has been in pieces in my basement for years. I started to strip it as it had been panted pink and green. The paint did not come out of the wood grain, so I lost interest.

I now plan to sand it and see if that does a better job. My daughter-in-law photographs children and I thought it will make a great prop. Thanks for the inspiration. I have one of these at home and and have considered getting rid of it, but I love your refinishing job! Wow this is a great project!